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Compound v2

Web3 Sheets Demo: Compound v2

Example Explanation‚Äč

This demonstration features a detailed overview of the Compound protocol with functions relating to cTokens, lend/borrow, and in-depth interest rate curve information. This sheet utilizes mulitple pages to ensure an asethetic/professional and clean view on the first page of the sheet.

  • B3 =CALLADDRESS("",$A3,B$2) returns the underlying address of the cToken.

  • C3 =(CALLINT("",$B3,C$2)) returns the decimals of the underlying asset.

  • D3 =CALLCSTR(CONCAT($D$1),$A3,D$2) returns the name of the cToken.

  • O3 =('Interest Rate Curve Info'!E2+(N3*'Interest Rate Curve Info'!F2))/'Interest Rate Curve Info'!D2*$O$1 - returns the borrow rate. This is good example of multisheet references.