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Interest Protocol

Web3 Sheets Demo: Interest Protocol

Example Explanation‚Äč

This demonstration features custom queries relating to Interest Protocol vault addresses; utilizing the vault controller address alongside vault ID's to query a vault's borrowing power and liability.

Key functions as featured in this sheet:

  • B4 =CALLADDRESS("",$B$1,"vaultAddress(uint96)",A4) - used to call the vault address for a specific vault ID.

  • C4 =CALLInt("/0.1",$B$1,"vaultSummaries(uint96,uint96)",$A4,$A4)/1000000000000000000 - used to call the borrowing power of specified vault ID.

  • D4 =CALLInt("/0.2",$B$1,"vaultSummaries(uint96,uint96)",$A4,$A4)/1000000000000000000 - returns the liability of a vault.